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Roots has come a long way

Roots Kitchen & Cannery was founded in 2012 with the mission of crafting a delicious and unique range of canned goods using locally sourced fruit and produce. It originally evolved out of a simple booth at the farmer’s market in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that sold pies and quiches every Saturday morning. Founder Orion Bellorado then teamed up with canning expert Patrick Burr, and together they opened the cannery facility in Bozeman, Montana. The third team member, Willi Brooks, signed on in 2014 to run the bakery side of the business, bringing Roots back to, well, its pie-making roots.



Orion Bellorado

Born in Jackson Wyoming, Orion Bellorado has been a lover of food for as long anyone can remember. He started the original farmers market stand that spawned the evolution that is today known as Roots Kitchen & Cannery.

He carries two masters degrees, one in physics the other in education. He is active in his community and skis and boats whenever he can. Orion is also berry enthusiast and can often be found in the summers foraging like a bear in the huckleberry patches of his home Jackson Hole.


(307) 690-4634

Patrick Burr

Patrick Burr (aka Pickle Pat aka The Pickle Prince) is the mastermind behind all your favorite Roots Kitchen & Cannery products. As a lifelong food enthusiast and self taught canner Patrick draws inspiration from local farms, tea and herb pairings, and the artisanal food movement. He is dedicated to connecting with regional growers, and loves supporting local agriculture by creating new and flavorful ways for folks to enjoy the fresh tastes of summer during every season.

When not putting up produce you will find Patrick paddling his canoe down a river, running the many mountain trails of Montana, or backpacking through the mountains alongside his dog pip and partner Jasmine.


(406) 570-6877

Willi Brooks

Co-owner Willi Brooks was born and raised in Wyoming, and from an early age his mom Amy taught him how to bake and cook. Food has always been a main staple in Willi’s life, and growing up almost every evening his family would sit down to dinner to share a meal.

At the age of 15 Willi’s love for food would take him in a different direction, when he designed, fund-raised for, and constructed the Jackson Hole Food Cupboard as his Eagle Scout project.

Willi made his way to Missoula MT for college where he became the ice cream maker at the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop, there he learned how to run a business and the importance of efficient practice in the work place. Willi graduated with a Fine Arts Degree through the Journalism school with a focus in Radio and TV Broadcast Production.

Willi then found his way back to Jackson where he started baking pies with Orion, furthering his culinary skills, and working at The Community Center for the Arts fulltime. Now he runs the Jackson baking and Farmers Market operations as well as managing The Jackson Center or the Arts Theatre.


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